Annabelle Reber, PLA

Annabelle believes that thoughtfully designed spaces help us connect to nature, ourselves, and our communities. She loves being a Landscape Architect because it brings together her many different interests: her love of history, art, ecology, and horticulture. After growing up in the oak-studded hills of Northern California with an adventurous mother who took her on many a camping adventure, Annabelle learned early on to appreciate natural beauty. And because she comes from a long line of right-brain thinkers and visual thinkers and makers, the professional transition to landscape architecture was a natural one. It was a direct way to share her love of the wilderness, bringing it to residential spaces through good design. She received a B.A. in History from Colgate University and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time, Annabelle can be found skiing, mountain biking, sketching or hard-core crafting. She is currently learning embroidery and honing her cookie decorating skills. She lives in Wilson with her two sons and husband.